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                  Plant Hardware - National Hardware
                  Grow Your Inspiration?
                  PLANT HARDWARE

                  Introducing National Hardware's newest line of Plant Hardware. Essential products for plant parents to show off their pride and joy. Find just the right hardware to suit your style whether your plant pride and joy is inside or out.

                  Gate Hardware - National Hardware
                  Gateways to relaxation
                  GATE HARDWARE

                  Introducing National Hardware's newest collection of Gate Hardware. Modern yet functional designs built to last. Open up your outdoor space with style using our high-performing, easy to install Gate Hardware options.

                  National Hardware Squeak Guard Hinges
                  Enjoy The Sound of Silence
                  SQUEAK GUARD?
                  Create a quiet home environment free from irritating squeaking by installing National's Squeak Guard™ Hinges.
                  DIY Done Right
                  Project Kits
                  Bringing your vision to life can be surprisingly simple. Our Made by Me™ kits take the guesswork out of shopping for hardware, so you can focus on your inspiration. 

                  Built On InspirationBuilt on Inspiration

                  No matter how large or small your project ambitions are, we want you to celebrate a job well done. Get inspired, and let's take the hard out of hardware.
                  Workbench Homepage

                  Right, tight, sturdy or square

                  Welcome to The Creator’s Corner™. A place where hammers fly, sawdust reigns and things get done. Grab your toolbelt and let's get to work.
                  Welcome Home - National Hardware
                  At National Hardware, we are here to keep you inspired. Explore our virtual house and check out what’s new at National Hardware.
                  120 years of history - National Hardware

                  The Next 120 Years

                  While we've been in business for over a century, we don't make a habit of looking backwards. Take an interactive journey through our 120 year history.

                  Start the Tour
                  Shop This Look

                  Built on Inspiration

                  Here you'll find some of the many things that inspire us. We hope they'll inspire you too.

                  See All Inspiration

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